5L Pro+Power Gold 5W30
5L Pro+Power Gold 5W30

Pro+Power Gold 5w/30 C3 long life Fully Synthetic Motor Oil


Product Description

Pro+Power Gold 5w/30 SS is a high quality semi synthetic motor oil exceeding the requirements of major motor manufacturers including Ford for use in their Zetec, Duratec and Duratorq petrol and diesel engines, where this specification of motor oil is required.
Why Pro+Power Gold?
• A fuel efficient motor oil.
• Reduces friction, releasing full engine power.
• Maintains a stable viscosity at high temperature.
• Combines maximum performance with improved fuel efficiency.
• Suitable for high performance engines including multivalve and direct injection.
The Pro Power Gold 5w/30 SS is suitable for most Ford engines pre 2009 after which many models require Pro+Power Gold 5w/30 FSC meeting the Ford M2C 913C specification. Always check the vehicle handbook for the relevant engine specification

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