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Car Wash Sponge Microfibre 2 in 1 Noodle & Mesh

£6.50 £1.99

Product Description

Car Wash Sponge Microfibre 2 in 1 Noodle & Mesh
Microfiber noodles on the front attract and lift dust and dirt whilst protecting paint, chrome and other surfaces.

2 in 1 Microfiber “Noodle” Wash Pad – Hyper Absorbent wash Pad

Microfiber mesh on the back removes stubborn stains, grime and bugs from windscreens, wheel trims, headlights and bumper bars.

The sponge absorbs huge amounts of water to speed up car cleaning.

2 Microfiber surfaces – soft noodles and mesh
Microfiber noodles lift dirt with ease
Soft and gentle yet durable
Highly absorbent
Ideal for car, boat, caravan, home, truck etc., etc.
Easy to clean and machine washable
With Any One Free Light
Long lasting and machine washable.
Pad size: L260xW130xH80mm

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